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Rishi Theme Review 2022: Hi everyone, thanks for visiting. Today I will tell you why you should start your blogging journey with Rishi Theme. I will give you some strong reasons to use Rishitheme. So keep reading this article for detailed information.

First of all, this theme has some advanced features in its free version, which you can’t even get in the premium version of other top-rated themes like Generatepress and Astra. It seems like a joke when I compare it with the most popular WordPress themes but believe me, it is true.

I am using the premium version of Generatepress and Astra on my multiple websites, but if there is any theme that can replace them, that is RishiTheme. For now I am using the free version of RishiTheme, and I can feel the difference.

Well, this theme is new in the market so you might be surprised with the performance. And you are right because branding takes time but believe me, once you install it on your website, you won’t regret it. Let’s explore more about Why Rishi Theme?

Some Silent Features Of Rishi Theme

  • This theme is Lightning Fast with a 100% Page Insight score for mobile and desktop both.
  • This theme has a zero CLS score in Page Insight.
  • Core Web Vital Free is the first theme in the market.
  • Advanced customization options are available in the free version.
  • The theme comes with an additional inbuilt plugin Rishi Companion with some fantastic features.
  • This theme consists of 100+ Premade Templates given in Starter Template Library.
  • Friendly with top-rated page builders and other SEO plugins.
  • Schema support gives good signals to search engines.

Now, let’s know in detail why Rishi Theme is the best in the market. Basically, this is a Rishi Theme Review, and I am very sure that once you read the complete article, you will install it on your website first. Everything that I am discussing is available in the free version. If you need more, you can buy the premium version of RIshiTheme.

Lightning Fast Speed

Now, what are the means of lightning-fast speed? Well, this is the combination of two words first, Lightning, which means the theme is very light, and the speed is well optimized to outrank other themes. This theme claims to give a 100% speed score with zero CLS in page insights without any optimization, which is almost true.

What is CLS?

CLS stands for Cumulative Layout Shift; when a user visits any website for the very first time while loading the content on the page, if the user feels the page elements are not loading to their perfect places, it is called Cumulative Layout Shift.


let’s suppose you are reading an important article on any website, and while scrolling suddenly, the page shifted more than you expected. This is also called Cumulative Layout Shift. Usually, it is ignorable, but sometimes it is very annoying.

This is not a good signal for search engines, so we should use the theme with fewer CLS issues, and RishiTheme promises it has zero CLS issues.

With and Without CLS Issue

Starter Template Library

If You Want to set up your website in just 10 minutes starter template can help you a lot. Rishi Theme comes with around 100+ Plus unique starter templates, which give you a boost to create any website. No matter whether you are trying to create a simple blog or want to set up an e-commerce website.

RishiTheme Starter Templates

Core Web Vital Free

Core Web Vital Uses three parameters to measure the performance of the website. RishiTheme claims that they have optimized the theme to make it core vital web free; that’s why rishi theme is best in his criteria.

  • LCP (Largest Contentful Paint): Largest content on the page can be an image or text block.
  • CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift): Zero Cumulative Layout Shift.
  • FID (First Input Delay): Lower First Input Delay means removing unnecessary javascript to load the website faster.

Every parameter has been optimized so your website could load faster and adequately load the content, making your website Core Web Vital Free.

rishi-theme-review and speed test
100% score in Mobile and Desktop Both

Amazing Header and Footer Builder

This theme comes with a custom header and footer builder, which is usually not available in the free version of themes. You can customize the header and footer of your website as you want. Unlike other themes, the customization is not limited; it is incredible. Here more and more option is available to make a creative header. You can set different menus for different devices and even separate visibility for different screen sizes.

  • The sticky menu can be created and styled differently from the regular menu.
  • A transparent Header can be made and set visibility for different devices.
  • Premade template is available for sticky menu under header customization.
  • The Offcanvas menu can be created and customized.

Overall I would say there are too many customization options that can give a great look to your website header. You do not require any page builder to create such menus. Usually, you would find this level of customization option in the premium version of the theme, but RishiTheme offers this for free of cost.

Create Header and Footer With Drag And Drop Builder

Read More: https://rishitheme.in/how-to-create-a-perfect-header-in-rishi-theme/

Read More: https://rishitheme.in/how-to-create-a-footer-in-rishi-theme/

More Customization Option-Rishi Theme Review 2022

Customization in the rishi theme is incredible because it comes with some fantastic and advanced customization, providing a premium feel to your design. This theme comes with some advanced customization widgets-

  • Blog and Archive Widgets with different styles.
  • You can even change the styling of Author Box, search page and single post, etc.
  • 404 Page styling widgets.
  • Single page setup widgets
  • Color palette widgets
  • Choose the best color for your website using the Color Palette option.
  • Advanced Typography enables you to choose different font styles, sizes, and colors per your requirement.
  • You can set Breadcrumb for your blog and even can be style as you want Using the SEO Section.
  • Extensions are available to enhance customization capabilities for free.
Advanced Customization Option

If you want to see a Best Rishi Theme Review, you must watch this video. In this video, you will get every information about this amazing theme

Most Popular Plugins And Page Builder Support

However, this theme is a newbie in the market, but because of its performance, it is slowly taking place. There is no dought this theme has several features to outrank other top-rated themes. Despite being new, this theme supports all the top-rated required plugins like Elementor, RankMath, Yoast SEO, Woocommerce, etc.

Top Rated Plugins-Integration
Friendly with the most useful plugins

Schema Support

This theme supports all scheme types, which is an excellent signal for your website regarding search engine rankings. Let me explain the schema type through an example. “In terms of website ranking, the schema is nothing but a proper article structure.

For example, you have written a paragraph and then made a proper listing along with the image related to that paragraph. This structure is a schema for google. In this case, ranking chances become higher. This also depends on the theme; if your theme does not support schema, you won’t be ranked in this category. In this case, RishiTheme can save your life; this is very friendly with all the schema types.

Schema Friendly Theme
schema support

Developed Using Latest Web Technology

Unlike other themes, this theme has not been developed using traditional programming languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, etc. RishiTheme has been developed using the latest programming languages, which are extremely fast and reliable.

RishiTheme Technology

Rishi Companion Plugin

Let’s talk about some more exciting features of the RishiTheme. This theme has an inbuilt plugin called Rishi Companion. This is a handy extension; it reduces the extra load of plugins. This is not just a plugin but a bundle of plugins. It is a multipurpose plugin that has handy features:

RishiTheme Companion Features

  • Social Sharing
  • Reading Progress Bar
  • Performance
  • Transparent Haeder
  • Customizer Reset
  • Cookies consent

Every feature mentioned over there is essential. You need to install a separate plugin for every feature that will add an extra load to your website. RishiTheme has all the features into one plugin, RishiTheme Companion; if you see you reduce the additional burden of plugins, get the same features into a single one.

How To Activate RishiTheme Companion Features

You can activate all the features in a single click from a single place. Follow the steps to start-

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to Appearance.
  • Under this section, click on RishiTheme.
  • On the next panel, you can see the page as the below image.
  • You can activate and deactivate using the buttons given there.
RishiTheme Companion Features

You can directly install the required plugins needed for your website from the section Useful plugins, where some essential plugins are listed like AffiliateX, which is again developed by RishiTheme, especially for affiliate marketing websites.

What Are The Top Features Of The AffiliateX Plugin

If you are running an affiliate website and want to multiply your income by 10x, you should use the AffilaiteX plugin. This plugin is free and provides some top-level features that are not available in some of the premium plugins of the same category.

  • The Block Editor friendly plugin means that once installed, and all the widgets will be automatically added to the block editor.
  • Ten widgets available can give extra power to your affiliate post.
  • Every widget comes with multiple layouts.
  • Widgets are responsive for any device like mobile, tablet, or Laptop.
  • This plugin works with any theme but is more friendly with RishiTHeme.
  • Every widget has tons of customization options.

Widgets Of AfffiliateX Plugins

AffiliateX plugin has around10 very useful widgets for affiliate marketing websites:

  1. Single Product: Useful for promoting single products, comes with four layouts which consist of Post Heading, Post image, Description, and Affiliate Button.
  2. Pros and Cons: You can create a pros and cons table by using this widget
  3. Versus Line: Compare two products using this block which can increase the chances of conversion.
  4. Product Comparison Table: Using this block, you can compare multiple products in a single place.
  5. Product Table: Create more than one product table with details
  6. Call to Action: It is essential to increase conversion.
  7. Button: Add some great customized buttons with affiliate links.
  8. Specifications: For specification, it can be used and customized as per user requirements.
  9. Verdict: and final verdict can be written about the product using this widget.

This was all about AffilaiteX Plugin. If you are running an affiliate website, you should at least once. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Final Verdict

I can write extra thousands of more words on Rishi Theme, but I think this article has enough information which you should know to install Rishi Theme. Finally, I would say this is going to be one of the best themes in the market very soon. So what are you waiting for? Start your blogging journey with RishiTheme Today.

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