How To Get AdSense Approval In 2022 : 100% Working Techniques

In 2014, getting AdSense approval was like having sweets from Temple. Because it was a time when blogging was just introduced to people, and only a few people were aware of it and making enough dollars. 

However, it was in 2003 when people in India were introduced to a new word: Blogging. At that time, Google was a growing kid, and the algorithm of Google was not even so strong to identify the content quality. 

Only a few bloggers provided content to Google. So Google does not have enough content to serve its audience.

That was the biggest reason anyone was getting Google AdSense approval just by copy-pasting or Rewriting the content of others. 

Now it is 2022, and Google is now an adult with many algorithm updates during this period. And there is a vast community of bloggers that exists in every country. 

Every day a new blogger comes with a new website and wants to get Google AdSense approval with poor content quality and less content. Almost every topic is being covered every second, which is why Google is not approving AdSense accounts faster. 

So, What do you think? Should you start your blog or not?

Hold on, dear; in this conversation, I have never said that Google stopped approving AdSense accounts. Many people get approval every day for a new website. 

So what should you do to get Google AdSense approval?

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting this website. This article will show the right path so you can get Google AdSense approval in 2022.

Google Adsense Program Policy For Adsense Approval In 2022

 According to Google, you must maintain the Adsense program policy to get AdSense approval. So, you must know what to do and what not to do during the AdSense approval process.

In a very concise term, I’ll make you understand what mistakes you should not make during AdSense approval. Also, let me tell you what Google says-

Unique And Interesting Content

Google says that Your content must be Unique and Interesting. But do you understand what is the means of Unique and Interesting? 

Unique: When Google says; Unique, it means your content must not be Copied or Re-righted from any other website available on the internet. 

Interesting: It means, Writing your content in such a manner so that everyone can easily understand and enjoy while reading. 

Technically if you can maintain the bounce rate of users, Google will consider your content interesting. 

You Should Be 18 Years Old

If you are 18 years old, you are eligible to apply for AdSense approval. If your age information in your Gmail is not more than 18 years, google will never permit Adsense approval.

So, make sure your age must be 18 years to get approval.

Comply With AdSense Program policies

There are several criteria under which Google does not allow AdSense approval. So make sure you do not make these mistakes on your website.

  1. Invalid clicks and Impressions
  2. Legal traffic source
  3. Site behavior

If you are doing any of these 3, Google will not allow anyways to serve ads on your website. Let me make you understand clearly all the steps-

1: Invalid clicks and Impressions

  • If you are sharing your link to get clicks on WhatsApp groups, Telegram, or Anywhere.
  • Self-click is considered under invalid clicks
  • Do not include any paid click program.
Invalid Clicks and Impressions

2: Legal traffic source

Your website traffic source must be organic. You should not join any paid clicks program, email marketing, etc. Paid clicks includes serving ads on Google or any other social media platform. Avoid it if you want AdSense approval.

Google search or any search traffic is a legal source of Traffic

3: Site behavior

Site behavior is also a parameter that Google follows under AdSense policy. Site behavior includes content quality and type of content. Your content must be unique and informative.

AdSense requests will be rejected if your posting content forces you to download something and redirect to other websites with popups, unwanted random redirections, etc. Stay away from these activities.

Random Redirection

Suppose you are writing Adult content and want to get AdSense approval; my dear friend forgets about approval. Google will never approve of such a website writing adult content. If you read the AdSense program policy, you can find the content list that Google does not allow for AdSense approval. For more Please Read Google Adsense Program Policy details.

What You Should Do To Get Instant Adsense Approval

Follow the list below; If you do the same, I am 100% sure nothing can stop you from getting approval.

  1. Choose Adsence Friendly WordPress Theme
  2. Properly Setup Your WordPress Blog
  3. Write SEO And User-Friendly Article
  4. Use Infographics For Post
  5. Keep Consistency
  6. Verify Ownership Through Google Search Console
  7. Create Adsense Account Using Fresh Email
  8. Apply For Adsense Approval

Note the above essential points somewhere on Copy or make a note on your computer.
Follow every given point precisely.

How To Speed UP WordPress Website In 2022 Using WP-Rocket

Choose Adsence Friendly WordPress Theme

It’s a big question how can I choose the best theme for my website? First of all, we must know the properties of the best wordpress theme then we can decide.

Best WordPress Theme Properties

  • The theme must be Light Weight.
  • The speed must be high, upto 90% on mobile and desktop in page insights.
  • The page must load in a millisecond.
  • No core-Vital Issue.
  • Proper Fonts And Styling should be visible.

List Of Some Adsense-Friendly WordPress Themes-

  1. GeneratePress Premium
  2. Astra Pro
  3. Rishi Theme Free For Life Time
  4. Newspaper for News Website
  5. Divi Theme (Optional)

You can choose any of them. Most people use GeneratePress Premium. It is one of the top-rated wordpress themes, designed to fulfill Adsense requirements.

Therefore, I would suggest going with GenratePress Premium. You can check out GeneratePress Premium at a very affordable cost; click the link below-

GeneratePress Premium For Lifetime At a 90% Discounted Price

Activate the offer to get an extra 12% discount on themes and plugins.

If you want to choose another theme, the Rishi theme could be a better alternative because it is also designed similarly to GeneratePress. Even in some cases, it is better than GenratePress.

For example, The Page Insights score of Rishi Theme is far better than the Generatepress and Astra Pro. 

However, It is new in the market, and I have never tried this theme for Adsense. Still, I will recommend it because, in my research, I found the Rishi Theme is the best alternative to GeneratePress. 

Properly Setup Your WordPress Blog

Proper blog setup plays a crucial role in Adsense Approval. It consists of a lot of things to consider-

  • Navigation Color and Responsiveness
  • Choose a good-looking font like Roboto or Poppins.
  • Proper Font-Size at least 17px for Text.
  • Use Proper size images in the article.
  • Featured Image Must Look Professional (For Example: Watch my website)
  • Your website must have a Sidebar (Use Right Sidebar).
  • Content Ready Required pages that comply with Adsense Program Policy like Contact, About Us, Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy.
Properly Setup Your WordPress Blog
AdSense-friendly Blog Setup

Write SEO And User-Friendly Article

Suppose your content is not engaging and user-friendly—no matter which theme you are using what criteria your website is following. Google does not allow ads for websites serving low or less quality content. 

You must follow these steps while writing content-

  • Choose a less competitive and Unique Topic.
  • Explain that topic briefly in an Informative Manner.
  • Make proper Heading Structure ( H1(Title)>H2>H3>H4….H2>H3… )
  • Write a short paragraph that will be user-friendly.
  • Use related FAQs from Google search.
  • Use proper Heading structure (Use Detailed SEO Chrome Extension).

Use Infographics For Post

Use more and more infographics in your posts. If you don’t know what is infographics? Just google, and you will get the answer. In short, an infographic is a picture that contains all the information related to your heading or the topic. Images used while making infographics must be high quality and copyright free. 

Keep Consistency

Consistency is essential while writing content. Writing and posting the content at a fixed time interval sends a positive signal to Google and creates authenticity.

For example, if you post 3 to 4 articles in a week, they must be published at a proper time interval so that Google considers your website authentic. And must not be published irregularly.

Verify Ownership Through Google Search Console

The next essential step is verifying your website’s Ownership through Google Search Console. Several methods exist.

But the simplest way is to use the Site kit Plugin By Google, which will verify Ownership with a single click.

How To Verify Ownership By Google Site kit Plugin

follow the steps to do the same-

  • First, install the Plugin from the WordPress Repository.
  • Then Click on Activate Button.
  • Then go to Site Kit Dashboard
  • Sign in to the Fresh Gmail Account.
  • Allow Permissions and Click on Next.
  • Now, click on Verify.
  •  The Plugin will add HTML code to your website’s Header and complete verification.
  • Finally, you will get the message that your Ownership is verified with Google Search Console.
Sign in To Gmail
Allow Permissions
Verify Now

There is another way to verify the search console, but I recommend using the Site Kit plugin because this Plugin is the one-stop solution for all your crawling and indexing query.

You can add your Analytics, Google Adsense, etc., and see the site performance in your WordPress Dashboard.

Create an Adsense Account Using a Fresh Email

Once you are all set, write high-quality content regularly, follow AdSense program policy criteria, and use infographics in your post. Now, you can create an AdSense account for approval.

Keep these things in your mind while creating Adsense Account:

  • Use a fresh Gmail account for AdSense Account Registration.
  • After Registration Add your website without HTTPS.
  • Once your website is added, send a request for approval.
  • After request, Google will review your website, which may take up to two weeks.
  • Connect your Adsence account with the Site kit from WordPress Dashboard.
  • In the meantime, create an Ad, copy the code and paste it into your WordPress website header section.
  • Do not forget to push content regularly.
Adsense Account Dashboard

How To Signup For Google Adsense Account In 2022

Now let me explain how to create an AdSense account. I have already explained the points you should keep in your mind while creating an AdSense account. Therefore I am directly moving toward the AdSense account signup process.

  • First, type in Google Chrome ” create new AdSense account.”
  • Click on the official link, which will land you on the AdSense homepage
  • After that, click on “Get started.”
  • Then select your new Email ID.
  • Allow permissions and then click on Next.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully created your AdSense account.

Now the homepage of your AdSense account will become accessible to you. Here you can see several options. You can create many AD types for your website, and you can see the reports of your website, your payment, your earnings, etc.

What Mistake You Should Not Do While Adsense Approval

We have crossed 2000 words to make you understand the criteria you should follow for getting approval in 2022.

Now let’s talk about those mistakes you should not make while getting AdSense approval.

  1. Low-Quality Content
  2. Less Number Of Post
  3. AI-Generated Spinned Article
  4. Irregular Article Frequency
  5. Irrelevant Backlink
  6. Irrelevant Traffic Source
  7. Not Following Adsense Program Criteria

Note these six points in any notebook. You must not make these six mistakes while getting Adsense Approval.

Low-Quality Content

Low-Quality Content is a common reason Google throws if your AdSense request is disapproved. Suppose your website has copied Content, Rewritten Content, etc. Then this error will occur.

This is considered low-quality Content if your Content does not provide value to the user. 

Less Number Of Post

Your website must have at least 15 posts and a reasonable amount of organic traffic. Then, your chances of getting approval increased.

If you apply for approval with very few posts, after reviewing your website, Google will disapprove your account for Low-Value Content.

Low-Value Content Error Due To Less Amount Of Content
Low-Value Content Error

AI-Generated Spinned Article

Don’t use an AI article generator to write your Content. Else, you will never get approval. No matter how many articles you have published.

Google is smart enough to understand and analyze your Content, whether it is self-written or AI-generated Content.

However, it would be best if you used the AI generator smartly. After generating the Content, format it so it can seem natural. 

Use Grammarly to remove grammar mistakes. Use Quillbot to make the sentence unique.

And finally, you should manually read each line of the article, and if there is any mistake, then fix it manually. This is how you can use the AI Article generator tool.

Irregular Article Frequency

Article frequency must be the same keep posting articles at a certain time. For example, if you can post 3 articles weekly, keep this consistency and keep posting similarly. The time gap between the article must not be uncertain.

Irrelevant Backlink

Irrelevant Backlinks can spoil your website, so it is essential to link your website with a trusted website having a good domain authority.

The link will be considered relevant if both websites provide information on the same topic. 

If not, then it is irrelevant to get links. Instead of giving a boost, they will outrank your website, which can be a reason for disapproval.

Not Following Adsense Program Criteria

Following actions, program carrier is very important. The article explains everything about AdSense criteria so read that section carefully and the following the chain everything if you really want to get AdSense approval on your website.

My Opinion

In 2022 getting AdSense approval is still very easy. All you have to do is follow the criteria explained above.
In my opinion, getting approval is not so complicated. It is a step-by-step process and a little bit of time taking process.
Your Adsense will be approved if you can keep patience for a periodic time and write content regularly that fulfills the user’s needs.

How can I get AdSense approval faster in 2022?

In 2022 if you want to get AdSense approval faster, it is very important to write content that is helpful for the audience. Your content must be unique and user-friendly.
Some important factors that really matter in getting faster AdSense approval
1. Your content quality
2. Your content posting frequency
3. Website layout and theme.
4. Website age which should be at least 2 months old.
5. Number of posts
6. Required pages, etc.
If you follow these criteria, you will definitely get AdSense approval on your first or second attempt.

How do I know if my website is eligible for AdSense?

This is very easy to know whether your website is eligible for showing ads are not.
There are two ways to know about eligibility.
1. G-Site kit Plugin
2. Login To Adsense Account
If you have connected your AdSense account with the site kit plugin from the wordpress dashboard. After the approval, it will be reflected in the site-kit dashboard under the Monetization menu.

And the second is you have to login to your AdSense account with the same email ID which is used while applying for approval. If your site is ready, then click on the site section, and you will get the status ready otherwise rejected or getting ready.

How much traffic do I need for AdSense?

In my experience, there are no fixed criteria for traffic. If your website has at least 10 visitors daily and has engaging and unique quality content, then you are eligible for AdSense approval. However, your content must follow the AdSense program policy.

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