How To Create A Perfect Header In Rishi Theme

Hi there! I know you are using Rishi Theme on your website and facing issues while creating a header in Rishi Theme. Don’t worry; here you are at the right place and reading the right article. I want to ensure that you will learn how to create a header in Rishi Theme at the end of this article. So let’s get started.

How To Get Rishi Theme Header Customization Menu

First of all, you have to visit the customization section of your website to do that; follow the instructions below-

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Appearance
  • Then click on Customization
  • The next is the customization page, where you can change anything on your website.

We are going to edit the Header. So once we reached the Rishi Theme Customization page, we would see the option “Global Header.” Now under this option, you can see the Header option; click on that to edit.

How To Edit Header In Rishi Theme

The Header in Rishi Theme is divided into three rows one is the Top Row, the second is the Main Row, and the last is the Bottom Row. And these rows are separately available for both Desktop and mobile, which means separate menus for both devices can be created. You can individually design both menus.

On the left side, the customization elements are given that we can add to our Menu to make them perfect. Here you can see two options Elements and Headers. In the elements section, there are 13 elements given that are-

  • Bookmark: Anything important can be bookmark
  • Button: Create a stunning button for your website.
  • Contacts: Show the contact number of your business
  • Date: Show current date
  • Time: Show the current time of your location.
  • HTML: Using this option, you can insert custom HTML code to your Header
  • Image: Any static image can be shown
  • Logo: Use this for the website logo
  • Menu1: Premade menu template
  • Menu 2: Another premade menu template
  • Random Posts: You can show random posts in your Header
  • Search: Add a search form in the Header
  • Socials: Add all social media profiles you have

Now, we have introduced each element in Rishi Theme Header. So let’s start creating. It is pretty simple to create a header in the rishi theme. Drag the item from the menu section to the Row and drop it here.

That’s it; you have placed one item on your Menu. Now, if you want to style the item, you can mouse-hover to the item and click on the pen 🖋️. This is how you can edit any item in the Header of the Rishi Theme. For example, if you want to create a header like my website, follow the instructions below.

  • First of all, set the Row height to 80px.
  • Then Drag and Drop the Logo on the left side of Main Row.
  • On the Right Side, Drag and Drop Menu1 and Button.
  • To edit the Logo, click mouse-hover to the item and click on the pen🖋️ tool.
  • Upload the Logo of size (320×90)px.
  • Set the logo max-width 200px.
  • Click on Menu1 and then choose template1 from the left-hand side.
  • Set the Item Spacing 25px, hover effect Simple, and Inner Spacing 15px.
  • Now, click on the Design and choose the font family you want.
  • Set the margin from the right and left to 20px each.
  • Now, click on the button and choose the Default style.
  • Set the button size to Small and the max-width 50px.
  • Now, Click on Design and set the button font color for default and sticky state. In my case, this is #ffffff for all.
  • Button background color should be #2355D3 for default, and on hover, it should be #000000.
  • Now, set the box shadow and padding as per your requirement.

That’s it; you have created a simple menu in very less time, but what if you want to create an advanced menu for your business website? This is also very simple. I have promised to teach you How To Create A Perfect Header In Rishi Theme so let’s create a stunning and advanced menu using Rishi Theme.

How To Create An Advanced Header In Rishi Theme For Business Website

Suppose you have a business website, so you need to create a different menu with almost every information a business website has. A business website menu consists of your business opening time, contact details, social media links, your essential pages, etc. As we know, in Rishi Theme, we have three rows to put all the information conveniently. Now let’s start creating the Menu.

I have already discussed how to create the Menu and how to style the items. So in this paragraph, I will tell you only to put the items into the Menu conveniently so that your Menu can look better. I will not tell you how to style them perfectly; you can play with settings and style as per your requirement.

  • Set each row width as full width.
  • Then Place the Items into the Row. For Example:- I have placed a Menu in Top Row.
  • Moving on to the middle row, place the website logo, Menu and button.
  • Lastly, Place the Social Media Links, Contact details in the Last Row.
  • After placing the elements go to Header>Global Header> enable Sticky Menu.
  • Now choose the fourth pre-made Menu template.
  • Finally, style the menu item and set the Row height per your requirement.

Make sure the final result is like this; if not, play with the settings until you achieve the Design. Even you can create a better design than this.

How To Create A Perfect Header In Rishi Theme

Finally, I would say this is how you can create a perfect header in the rishi theme. For detailed customization, you can read our other article which is about the customization of the Rishi Theme. See you in the next amazing article where we will learn something more interesting about the Rishi Theme.

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