How To Create A Footer In Rishi Theme

Welcome to yet another blog of Rishi Theme. This article will teach us how to create A Footer In Rishi Theme. Unlike any other theme creating a footer in Rishi Theme is something different. However, creating a footer in the Rishi theme have some extra functionality.

The last article was about creating a header in Rishi Theme, this article is the same as the older one, but we will learn to create a footer. First, I want to tell you that making a footer in the rishi theme is very convenient.

If you are using Rishi Theme, I am sure you know that header and footer builders are given under the customization section. Most importantly, every widget is free to use also; you don’t have to buy rishi theme premium.

I will not share how you will access the Rishi Theme Customization page. You know this very well; we will first introduce the component available for creating the footer and then create a footer in Rishi Theme. So, let’s get started-

Rishi Theme Footer Elements

Like the header, the Rishi Theme footer has ten elements that can be used for free. You don’t need to purchase the premium version of the theme to use these elements. Each element is available in the free version also. See the elements listed below-

  • Contact: if you want to add any contact details, you can use this element
  • Copyright: using this element, you can write the copyright
  • Footer menu: this element consists of the footer menu by default
  • Socials: in the section, you can add your multiple social media accounts
  • Widgets: there are six widgets in the footer, which can be used around the three footer rows.

Rishi Theme footer has three rows: the first is the Top Row, where you can add your contact details or any other important information, and the second is the Main Row, where you can have all the important elements of the footer like Recent Post, Important Links and Social links, etc.

The last one is the Bottom Row, which can be used for having the Copyright Section and footer menu.

These are the fundamentals of creating any footer, but if you want to create something different, you can play with the elements.

Now let’s create a fantastic footer in Rishi Theme.

How To Create A Footer in Rishi Theme

Now let’s have a step-by-step process to create a footer like my website. I know the footer I have created on my website is not very attractive, but if I share how I made this footer, I hope you will play with the elements and create a better footer than my website.

I do not need to add a lot of information to my website. That’s why I skipped the Top Row, and it started making a footer from the Main Row, but if you needed, you could also keep elements in the Top Row. 

Row And Column Of Footer In Rishi Theme
Row And Column Of Footer In Rishi Theme
How To Create A Footer In Rishi Theme
How To Create A Footer In Rishi Theme
  • The Main Row has three columns where you can have three elements in each column. If you keep more than one element in one column, the second element will be visible down to the first element.
  • Drag elements from the element section and drop them into the desired column. For example, drag widget 1 in Column 1 
  • After that, click on the widget and fill out the widget with the necessary item. In my case, I kept brief info about my website. You can have an address, contact details, social icons, or an image.
  • The second column of the name row can be used for having important links or The Important post for the website, as I kept important posts in the second column of the footer. To do this, we can use another visit.
  • The last column in the Main Row can be used to keep up the social links, add a Youtube channel, etc. However, I am using custom HTML code to show the image with the link.
  • The Last Row is a Bottom Row of the footer having a single column where a single item would be perfect; in this section, keep Copyright elements.
  • If you want to edit any of the elements, click on the particular elements, and you will be able to edit the item.
Final Footer After Editing

One more setting that you should enable if you want your footer to be fixed like my website. Have a look just scroll and see the effect. In order to do the same one, the setting needs to enable that Revel Effect.

You can enable this setting by going to the Footers>Global Footer> Enable Revel Effect. This can be separately applied to different devices.

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So this was the footer menu of the Rishi Theme. We have learned How To Create A Footer In Rishi Theme. I hope this article was helpful and I solved your query. For more information on the Rishi Theme, Keep visiting. Thank You.

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