Best WordPress Theme For Adsense Approval

If you are reading this article, I am sure you are looking for a wordpress theme that can help you get fast AdSense Approval. So in this article, I will tell you about 5 wordpress themes that can help you to get quick AdSense approval.

So stick yourself with your chair. This article has everything that you should know before getting AdSense approval.

Today in the market, there are tons of wordpress themes available that you can use to start your wordpress blog. Some wordpress themes are free, and some of them are premium.
Google never says you can get AdSense approval only if you use a premium theme. You can quickly get AdSense approval using free Themes if you follow the procedure.

But now the challenge is when several themes are promising that they are good to get AdSense approval, so how could I decide which would be better for my website?
This is why I am writing this blog. You do not need to search a lot on Google for the same query. You could use any of the five wordpress themes I will describe here.

1. Generatepress premium

I know you are thinking about earlier ever saying that not a premium theme is required for AdSense approval, but it started with the premium theme.

It seems to be funny, but why am I suggesting this theme? There is a reason behind it. In my experience, this is one of the lightest themes that I ever used for my blog. Using this theme, I got AdSense approval very easily. So I recommend this theme for quick AdSense approval.

2. Astra

If I have to switch from generatepress to another theme, I always choose Astra because this is also one of the lightest themes with similar functionality.

In some cases, this thing has more features than a generatepress premium. So you can consider this thing also for quick AdSense approval.

3. Newspaper mag

This free theme can be used especially for news niche websites. If you are working on News Niche, you must go with a newspaper mag. Believe me, if your article is good and unique, you will get us approval with this theme very easily. This is also a light theme, not as light as generatepress or Astra but yes it is good you can go it.

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