Best Rishi Theme Customization In 2022

Hi there, welcome to the Best Rishi Theme Customization blog. This article will describe how I customize the rishi theme using Additional CSS and the Rishi Theme advance customization option. If you want to customize your website, you can follow the steps in this article. Let’s start step-by-step Customization of RishiTheme.

First of all, let me tell you how you can access the customization section of your website-

How To Visit Rishi Theme Customization Page

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Under The Menu, Section Go To Appearance.
  • Under the Appearance menu, click on Customization.
  • The next page will be the customization page, where all Customization options can be seen.

How To Customize The Rishi Theme Using Advanced Customization Option and Additional CSS

How To Customize Header Of Rishi Theme

I hope you are now on the Rishi Theme customization page. You can see every available customization option here; let’s start working on the Header. To edit the Header, click on General Options. Here you can see the Header; click on this, and then the edit option will be open.

On the left side, there are two tabs: Elements and Global Header. And, on the right side, you can see the Desktop menu and Mobile Menu, consisting of three Rows Top, Main, and Bottom. follow the steps below to edit:-

  • From the Elements section, Drag and Drop the necessary Elements into the Desktop or Mobile Menu Row.
  • Edit the Row by clicking on the setting⚙️tool. You can change the Row height, width, background, border, shadow, etc.
  • For Example, Drag the Menu and Drop it into the Row; you can publish and check whether the Menu is set or not.
  • If you want to style this Menu, then mouse hovers over the Menu, then click on the pen🖋️ tool.
  • You can see every style option on the left side.
  • Change the style as per your requirement.

Similarly, you can drag and drop any elements and style them. Now let’s see what is inside the Global Header. Well, this section has some attractive feature that makes your Rishi Theme Customization easy. In this section, you can see several premade templates; select any of them. And set the visibility of the Header in the desired device.

We have customized the Header, which comes under the General Options. Now, let’s customize everything available in the General options.

How To Set The Layout

We are under the General options; click on the layout to edit the design. Here you can see four options Container, Sidebar, Button, Scroll To Top, and 404 Page. 

  • Container: By default, the container width is set to 1200px for desktop. If you want to change, you can; in my case, I keep the same. 
  • Sidebar: It consists of sidebar location (left or right) or no sidebar along with width and spacing if you want; you can change. I kept the sidebar width 30px and widget spacing 28px to the right side.
  • Button: You can style your button roundness and set manual padding and device visibility for the Button.
  • Scroll To Top: This option makes the user experience better. You can see this Button on the right bottom corner if enabled. This Button helps the user jump to the top with a single click.
  • 404 Page: This page is visible when the user has not found the content or the URL is unavailable. You can set desired page logo, and a Recent post with the Button Go Back To Home
RIshiTheme Customization

How To Set The Colors

Unlike other themes, Rishi Theme has advanced customization options in each section, and the color section has an exciting and pro customization option. Here you can set a color palette and use it around your entire website that not every theme gives into their free plan.

You can change everything like base color, Heading, Text, Border color, Link color, and even set various background colors for different devices, which means Rishi Theme gives responsive color-choosing options.

Footer Customization

Well, I haven’t created any footer on this website yet. It is the default footer bar. But this doesn’t mean there is no editing option for the footer. Usually, in any theme, only three to four-footer widgets are given to edit.

However, Rishi Theme has something more to make your footer attractive. It has the same customization option as the Header. There are 6-footer widgets and Social Share, Contacts, Menu, and Copyright widgets.


Typography lets you change the font style and size around the website. Set your desired font family and text size.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is one of the essential parts of this article. SEO is not a single heading but a course itself. Therefore, I will not explain the SEO but let me tell you how this plays a vital role in Rishi Theme Customization.

This section has the Breadcrumb option, which can be enabled or disabled. From the SEO perspective, Breadcrumb increases user engagement and reduces the bounce rate. 

Usually, this option can not find any theme under Customization, but Rishi Theme is giving this advance option in their free plan.

Social Networks

You can set your social profile link here and use it around the website. There are more than 30 social media sections available. Set your desired one and use it.

How To Customize Page/Blog In Rishi Theme

We have customized the General settings for the website, which consists of Header, Footer, Typography, Color, etc. Now move on to the following setting, which is blog/page layout setup.

Blog Page

This is the page where all your latest posts will be visible in the list or grid view, depending on your setup. For a setup like my website, follow the steps below-

First of all, choose the second blog page layout and then-

  • Featured Image: Image Ratio and size should be Original and Full size, respectively.
  • Title: It should be H2 and size 28px.
  • Post Meta: Choose the metadata you want to show. It could be anything like Published Date, Modified Date, Author Name, etc.
  • Excerpt: Post content should be an excerpt, not content, and 16-word max.
  • Divider: Disabled
  • Read More Button: set it to simply not button, and the arrow should be disabled.
  • Page Navigation: This must be a number, not an Infinite scroll.
  • Sidebar Layout: This should be the default.
  • Blog Container: No need to change should be a default.
  • .Stretch Layout: This could be changed if you want your website to the full width.

Similarly, other options like Archive page, Author Page, Single Post, Search Page, and Pages can be edited. Almost 90% customization is the same; the rest you can play with the settings.

What Is Extension In Rishi Theme

This option is not available in any top-rated themes for free. Even this is not given in pro versions. But don’t worry, here in Rishi Theme, it is available. basically, when you install the Rishi Theme the plugin called Rishi Theme Companion automatically gets installed. This plugin is developed by Rishi Theme for availing of advanced features. It is loaded with several advanced features which is reducing the extra load of third-party plugins.

How To EnableThe Features of Rishi Theme Companion

Rishi Theme Companion comes with a lot of premium features. It is a power pack solution of reducing the extra load of third-party plugins. With the help of this theme, you can optimize the speed of your website, Add a Reading Progress Bar, Social Sharing, Customizer Reset, Transparent Menu, etc.

  • Open your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Go to Appearance.
  • Click On Rishi Theme.
  • On the next page click on Extension.
  • Now Enable the option you want.

WordPress Defaults Option In Rishi Theme

Last but not the least this customization is normally available in every theme it consists of some very important settings-

  • Site Identity: You can set your site icon which is visible in browser tabs.
  • Menus: Set menu and their position over the website.
  • Widgets: It consists of Sidebar you can place the item in the sidebar using this option.
  • Homepage Settings: Set your page static page or the latest post.
  • Additional CSS: This is the magical option of WordPress. Change everything as you want.

Read More About Rishi Theme:

Can we download Rishi Theme For Free?

Yes! it is free for a lifetime and loaded with advanced features that are not available in some premium themes.

Which is the best free WordPress theme of 2022?

Well! there are tons of themes available in the market to claim they are the best but Rishi Theme could be your life changer. Rishi Theme is providing advanced features that you can not get into the premium version of some popular themes.

How To Download The Rishi Theme For Free

Rishi Theme is free forever, it can be installed from the WordPress theme library with a single click. However, if you want to buy premium go to the official website.

Rishi Theme templates are free or paid?

If you are using the free version of Rishi Theme you can use some templates for free but for full access, you must buy the Rishi Theme Pro.

How to enable the Reading Meter bar in Rishi Theme?

It is really simple to enable Reading Meter in Rishi Theme.
Follow the steps below-
1. Log in to the WordPress Dashboard.
2. Go to Appearance.
3. Click on Rishi Theme.
4. Then click on Extension.
5. Now, scroll down and click the Activate button, and Refresh your site.

Can we change the color of the Reading Progress Bar In the Rishi Theme?

In order to do this go to the website customization and then under Extensions click on Reading Progress Bar to style it.

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