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Hi everyone, welcome to another influential blog where we will understand Image Compression, like its importance and which is the best Image Compression plugin for wordpress in 2022. So let’s get started.

First of all, we will understand the importance of image optimization.

Importance of Image Optimization

Image Compression is a significant factor in making your website load faster. If your website does not have optimized images, this is a serious issue that must be fixed as soon as possible. Let me tell you what problem can be caused due to less optimized image.

  1. Your website will load slower.
  2. It will increase the Bounce rate.
  3. Gradually decrease your ranking in Google.
  4. It can create poor speed results on page insights.
  5. Create an extra load on the server.

I hope you understand why it is essential to keep the images as much as optimized.

Best Image Compression plugin In 2022

Several Image Compression plugins are available in the market for free and paid both. You have to decide which plugin you should install and which you should ignore.

Most beginners install a free plugin for Image Compression. This is because these plugins are highly costly, which a beginner can not afford.

If your website is new, you can use the free plugin, but once your website starts passing traffic, you must shift to the premium version of the Image Compression plugin. 

Imagify Pro Is a plugin that you must have on your website. In my experience, I have tried almost every top recommended plugin, but finally, I found Imagify Pro, which is the best for any image Compression in WordPress.

4 Reasons Why You Should Install Imagify Pro

Imagify Pro is the best plugin. It is not required for an introduction but let me explain the reasons so you can believe why you should have Imagify Pro on your website.

Reason 1: It Works Great with Wp-Rocket

If you are using WP rocket to speed up your website, you must have Imagify Pro because both products are developed by WP rocket and work amazingly together. 

If you set up a website using these two plugins, it may increase your website speed upto 100%, depending on server quality.

You can check out Wp-Rocket and Imagify both from the link given below. Click on Activate Offer and proceed further. And do not forget to use the rishi theme coupon code (RISHI12), which will allow you to get a 12% additional discount on themes and plugins.

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Reason 2: Different From Other Image Optimization Plugins

The compression is different from other image optimization plugins. It can compress the image up to 90% without losing the quality, while others can not do the same.

Reason3: Bulk Image Optimization (Unlimited)

This plugin can compress thousands of images in one click. Go to the setting and enable Bulk Optimization. Now you are done, go to bed, and when you wake up in the morning, all the images will be optimized. 

Reason4: Webp convertor

It will convert your images into next-generation image format, which is webp. This is the new generation image which is highly optimized, making your pictures lighter and website speed faster.

Best setting Of Imagify Pro

Do the following steps –

  • Open Settings of imagify pro plugin
  • Then Under General Settings Check ✅ both the option Auto-Optimize images on upload and Auto-Optimize images on upload.
  • The second step is Optimization
    • Check ✅ Create WebP versions of images
    • Check ✅ Display images in WebP format on the site
    • Use <Picture> tag
    • If you are using CDN, then you should provide your CDN URL.
    • Check ✅ Resize larger images
    • Set your Media Library max 2048.
    • Check ✅ everything in Files optimization.
    • Now click on Save Changes
    • And then click on Go to Bulk Optimization.

After doing the setting go to the bulk and leave it until all the images do not get compressed and changed into the next-gen formate.

After this setting, when you upload any image on your website, this plugin will automatically compress the image up to 90% without losing the quality.


This article will help you to optimize your website images to the next level. Imagify pro is the most demanding plugin that every blogger must have. So, install this plugin and do the best setting, which makes your images lighter in converting them into the next generation format.

Is imagify Pro can be used on multiple websites?

No! this is for a single website only. For every new website, you have to make a new purchase.

Why Imagify pro is the best image optimization plugin?

Imagify pro is best because it compresses the images up to 90% without losing the quality and it dynamically checks your images while uploading the image, and It starts working.

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